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London Olympics Guide 2012 Index / Directory 

Latest Article Below:  Why Was The Opening Ceremony So Poor?

The 2012 Olympics will be held between July 27th & August 12th

To simplify this index and directory as the arrangements for the London Olympic Games involve several locations in London and numerous places outside London  we have included all relevant information for these games under the individual sport or discipline heading. This information on each sports includes details of the location it is be held at date and session times and advice on how to travel on public transport to the venue or venues hosting that activity. For these details by each  sports see the Olympic sports listing links at the very top of this or any Olympics page.

Events Venues & Location Listing The Olympic Stadium is in Stratford East London. The stadium is located in an 500m acre Olympic Park designated as the ‘Olympic zone’ This zone also includes the Aquatics Centre which will host the swimming and diving competitions, the Basketball Arena, the Handball Arena, the Water Polo Arena and the Velodrome which along with the parks BMX circuit will host the main cycling competitions.

The Olympics Stadium itself will host the opening and closing ceremonies and the track and field events. It will also be the finishing point for the Olympic Marathon. Other Olympic events will be held at other venues across London. Some events including canoeing football rowing and sailing will be held in other parts of the UK. At a glance details of the location of all disciplines and sports events are give in our our venues and locations guide. You can also find more detailed information about the venues and locations for each individual sport using the index es at the top of this page.

Why Was The Opening Ceremony So Poor? 

Put bluntly the opening ceremony to the London Olympics failed to live up to the hype receiving only favourable reviews from members of  the mutual appreciation societies of the arts and sports world. Considering It lasted nearly four hours it;s supposed  representation of British culture and history was unbelievably potted muddled and at times patronising.   
The benchmarks featured such as the industrial Revolution and the creation of the NHS would not have been understood by many people in Brirain never mind the rest of the world.  The idea that before the industrial Revolution England was a green and pleasant land would have been questioned by 95% of the indigenous population all of whom lived in poverty and continued to do so afterwards. The inference that there were upper class black land or factory owners was prosperous as the status quo in Britain at the time was actively promoting slavery. worldwide.  The music ‘time-lines’ were everything but that jumping backwards and forward s from one decade to the other.  
The celebration to the creation of the NHS was double edged as it might been seen as a tribute to the NHS which is now being dismantled by the present status regime which has no mandate to so do – and which ever perspective you prefer the reasons why people were jumping up and down on hospitals bed would not been clear to anyone living outside Europe. .Parachuting into the stadium the waxed replica of the Queen is taking the fight against ageism and early retirement a  little to far though Mr Bean;s impression of the Chancellor playing the keyboard in the way he plays with the economy was Oscar nomination material.. Paul Mccartney has seen better days and Lenno’n's and Ono’s Give Peace A Chance would have been more in line with the Olympic ethos than Hey Jude. 
That all said, from a technical perspective this ceremony was a masterpiece with the landscaping and the choregraphy first class. The courage enthusiam and energy of all the volunteers players especially that of the soloist singing Jerusalem the Golden has to be respected but their qualities were undermined by the chaotic nature of the production. Even though these games are expected to break even one has to ask whether Danny the events director was given the budget he needed to create something a little more consistent and riveting than ‘Come Dancing’. .Score: No world records here a mediocre 6 out of 10 if your British and a poor 4 out of 10 if your not.  

Important General Notes For The Games

Tickets:  Free Travel On Public Transport In The London Area: Each ticket purchased for a Olympic session will allow the person using it to free travel on all public transport in London on the date of the event shown on the ticket. Details of the nearest Docklands Light Railway Stations, London Underground metro stations and National Rail Stations to each venue are given in with programme schedule for that sport.

Parking In London During the Games Finding a parking bay in London at anytime and being able to afford it is a challenge most visitors to London fail. During the Olympic Games finding somewhere legal to park promises to be as difficult as finding an airport open during the 2010 volcanic ash crisis. The inevitable nightmare will be compounded further as local authorities and the police introduce a combination of measures in an attempt to stop the capital from becoming gridlocked and for security reasons. Ticket holders for any event should there take advantage of the free travel offer

Some sporting venues that normally have limited parking facilities may not have these available on an ad-hoc basis. In the interests of public security the authorities illegal parking will not be tolerated.

Other Olympic Games Features In This Guide

History Of The Olympics The origins of the Olympics date back to the eighth century BC. In the following 1,000 years their significance increased until they were banned by the Greek Aristocracy in the fifth century AD in a bid to convert the masses to Christianity. In the 18th and 19th centuries AD several attempts to resurrect the Olympics were made by the French Greeks & English. The first international Olympics were held in Athens in 1896. For more detailed information please our Olympic History feature.

Memorable Modern Olympics

1936 Berlin Jesse Owens Triumphs Against Adversity

1988 Seoul: Greg Louganis

Usain Bolt Profile 2012

Tom Daley Profile 2012

the London Olympics guide is the complete index and directory to the Olympic games, listing details and information about all events and availability on tickets, the main page includes information about event venues and their location with details about the Olympic zone and Olympic Park in Stratford which includes the Olympic Stadium, the Aquatics Centre, which will hold the swimming and diving competitions, plus the Basketball Arena, Handball Arena Water Polo Arena, and the Velodrome,  there are also details about the venue and locations guide which details the location of all sports and events, you can also link directly  to pages dedicated to specific all sports and disciplines which provide the location address how to travel their on public transport and the competition session times and dates, this page includes information and links for ticket sales for Olympic events, and how tickets offer free travel on public transport in the London area plus information on parking in London during the Olympic games,