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London City Guide Directory / Index

travel & city information guide for business / tourist visitors to London

independent information for visitors to London  (site map)

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Introduction To London & Londonmost

We hope that if you decide to visit London our London city guide will prove helpful and informative. This guide offers visitors to London some the most useful information about London on the web rather than a site populated in pretty pictures and an avalanche of accommodation deals. .After all so called guides with  features as ‘London’s Top 10 attractions’ hardly constitutes a guide for a city of London’s size.

The information in is not definitive – no guide about London ever could be but we are committed to making it an increasingly comprehensive resource. To that end we welcome editorial contributions ( see bottom of page) from visitors and people living in London as this type of content is more representative than a massaged press release from an advertising agency.

Though we aim to promote London in a positive light but that said we make no apology for the fact that some articles or reviews are critical opinionated or even mildly political as some things need to be said. So If we think an institution, body or commercial organization (ie a club or restaurant) is taking liberties or ‘the micky‘ we will say so..

The Greater London area in a European dimension is second only to Moscow for it’s physical size (11,391 km2) size and population (12.8m). About 8m people live in central London and the surrounding urban area. In 2001 minority ethnic groups made up 29% of London’s population. Consequently London is culturally very diverse. In recent years this diversity has noticeably improved the range and quality of international restaurants in the English capital. However as eating out in central London is generally very expensive and we have also included in information on more affordable places to eat in our restaurant guide.

Many people who visit London set out to see the leading landmarks or its famous attractions – Big Ben in the Houses of Parliament, Nelsons Column in Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. For some these tourists sights epitomise democracy and the historic empire days of Great Britain – though history students might dispute the implied association. Though British Society is distinctly ‘conservative and insular in a European context and on the world stage liberally minded dissidents have the consolation of being able to see a sculpture of Nelson Mandela in Parliament Square. Curiously the statue was originally refused planning permission for erection in Trafalgar Square – the scene of numerous anti apartheid rallies in the second half of the 20th century.

As the weather in London (with an average of 11 wet days per month in the summer and 15 in the winter) is not always conducive to looking at landmarks or waiting for the Queen to appear at Buckingham Palace dwarfed by security personnel (she is rarely there in the summer) visitors to London may appreciate the countless indoor attractions that London offers. These include institutions such as The British Museum (popular with Greeks wanting to see their Elgin Marbles which Britain ‘borrowed’ in the first part of the 19th century) the National Gallery, St Paul’s and without doubt the best Madam Tussaud in the world.

Travelling around London can be challenging, and if you have a list of ‘must see’s’ you need to workout you itinerary before you set out. The London Underground (Metro) System is best avoided between 7am and 10am & 4pm and 7pm. Single tickets on the buses and underground are the most expensive in Europe so unless you are a banker who has just received a £1m bonus our London Travel Guide is an essential read. However the London Night Bus Network (bus routes with a ‘N’ prefix) are undoubtedly good value for money, especially on long journeys. London Taxis, which are well regulated and driven by knowledgeable drivers, are an alternative option but are expensive especially at night.

Nightlife is London is wide- ranging – London is awash with concerts musicals, opera and plays some of which are not surpassed anywhere else in the world. The clubbing scene is generally very expensive with high admission and bar prices though an affordable night out is easily found away from the main drag. Live bands featuring Punk R&B and Jazz can easily be found at these venues.

Accommodation in London compared with the rest of Europe is very expensive but there are ways to reduce this cost. particularly if you are prepared to stay outside central London.

Because of Britain’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan and the former occupation of Iraq London has experienced acts of terrorism and the threat of further attacks will remain at least until the war in Afghanistan ends. Petty crime on public transport, particularly in tourist areas can be a problem – particularly in the summer when the offenders may involve young children or teenagers working in groups.

If you are visiting London from within the UK please see our coach and rail pages. If you are travelling to the UK from abroad please see our Air Travel Index and our Eurostar pages if you are coming from France and Belgium. Euro lines Coach Services to and from Europe are given on our sister site

The londonmost Guides:

London Museums & Galleries Index However there are dozens of other exhibitions museum, galleries and historic buildings in London worthy of a visit. St Martins in the Field on the eastern side of Trafalgar Square and the southern end of Charing Cross Road with it’s ceiling designed by Christopher Wren is an example. The Imperial War Museum & the London Transport Museum are others. There are also numerous ‘special interest’ places in central & outer London . go to

European Restaurants & Places To Eat In London We are in the process of compiling a list of European restaurants in London. We welcome readers critical reviews of restaurants and are happy to be invited by owners of restaurants for our researchers to anonymously review their restaurant. We are looking for good food and value at all levels from your local cafe to the best in Kings Road. Restaurant Index

Religious Places In London This section is dedicated to the main religious places and attractions in London including abbeys cathedrals and temples. These pages include details about the buildings history, design and types of services. Places featured include St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral. Religious Places Index

Royal Places Index This section gives details and information on Royal Places in London that are popular sights or attractions. The information for each attraction gives details of the history of the building to help visitors to London identify interesting aspect of the building when visiting and sightseeing. Places featured include Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and also Windsor Castle. Other places with Royal connections include the stables and coach houses in the Royal Mews and the Princess Diana Spencer Memorial Fountain in the Hyde Park. There is also information on when and where to watch the Changing of the guard. Royal Places In London Index

Other Attractions Landmarks & Sights In additions to the attractions categories above there are numerous things to see and do in London. These include the Benjamin Franklin House, the House of Commons, the London Eye, Madame Tussaud, Tower Bridge and Whitehall – These sights and landmarks along with many other we have listed these on these pages: London attractions & Sightseeing

London Clubbing Guide A series of clubbers frank reviews or London dance & music clubs that are either worth a visit or depending on your tastes best avoided. The reviews details the genre of the music on club nights, the admission. drink prices, its location and the nearest tube station. more

What’s On In London Events Guide This guide is divided into several sections covering classical music, popular concerts, musicals and plays at London theatres and other events. The guide gives visitors access to booking agencies for many of these events and it includes discounted tickets at over 25 London Shows and Stage productions. There is also information on how to obtain tickets for events where normal ticket agencies are sold out. There is also a list of small gigs featuring live acts, bands and groups. events index

Guide To London’s Airports This guide provides essential information for visitors to London about London City Airport, London Gatwick Airport, London Heathrow Airport, London Luton Airport and London Stansted Airport. The guide contains information on travelling to and from each airport to central London, the airports facilities and flight arrivals & flight departures information more

Send Us Your Contributions: is part of the Euromost,info  group of free spirited independent travel information sites. We welcome articles blogs news items from people from all walks of life. The content must have a European flavour but otherwise it may be on a wide range of subjects which might ibe of nterest to other visitors. Previous experience is not needed but a passion for travel and Europe a is a big big bonus. Students looking to broaden their CV are especially welcome more info